Q: What preparation do I need to do before you measure for my new countertops?  

  • Please have all necessary sink, stove &/or cooktop templates selected and available when we arrive.  This will allow us to measure accurately and eliminate the need to schedule another trip.
  • Remove all unnecessary objects from the countertops.  Please let us know ahead of time if there are objects that are too heavy for you to remove so that we can plan accordingly to help move it for you.
  • Schedule your day so that you or the decision maker is on site the entire time to answer and guarantee that all requests and questions have been addressed.

Q:  Do I need my appliances before you install the countertops?

  • Yes.  All appliances including sinks, faucets dishwashers, stoves and/or cooktops must be on site at the day of installation so that we can drill all holes needed.  Please include any soap dispensers or RO valves too.
  • We have a wide selection of sinks and faucets to choose from, and we also work with many local distributors that we can direct you to as well.

Q:  Do you install my new appliances when you’re done laying the countertops?  What about plumbing & electrical?

  • We secure and caulk all sinks to every countertop, whether they are under mount or over mount.
  • Should you require these services, please let us know and we are more than happy to schedule that for you with one of our trusted partners who are licensed and insured.
  • For existing countertops, there is usually not a need for an electrician as our installers can set the countertop without having to disconnect the electric.

Q:  Are there any special considerations I should be aware of with a countertop installation?

  • Although we do our absolute best to help limit & clean up the amount of dust created, we cannot guarantee that some dust may not settle in your home after we have left. To help minimize the amount of dust and to control the spread of this dust we ask that you shut off all air conditioning and forced air units prior to our arrival.
  • Because of the possibility of dust (especially in regards to the installation of cooktops and top mount sinks) we ask that you hold off on any painting, drywall work, and wallpapering that you may have planned until after we have completed our work.

Q:  How much overhang can I have without needing support?

  • Beyond 12” of overhang, support is needed.  Corbels, although beautiful, can be obstructive and get in the way of knee space.  For this reason, we make steel bracing to support the weight of the countertop and any under mounted seating.

Q:  I would like to add a backsplash, what do you offer?

  • 4” granite or 18” tile backsplashes are standard; however, we also customize and cut any size, shape or design you desire.

Q:  I am considering new cabinets to go with my countertops, but am worried about having to contract it all out.  

  • A single thought such as “I want to replace my countertops with granite” often turns into a desire to refresh and update the whole room. Instead of cringing at the decision making & scheduling process, let our full service remodeling team help make this easy and enjoyable for you.  We can help you select cabinets, carpet & tile and schedule trades such as electricians, plumbing, drywall and painting so that you can spend your time and energy where you most want to.

Q: Who do you serve?

  • We provide glass, granite and remodeling services to homeowners, businesses, restaurants, municipalities, hospitalities, banks, retail, schools, medical, food industry, conference centers, sporting arenas, places of worship, special venues,designers, architects and artists.

Q: Is G3 Glass Granite Group licensed and insured?

  • Yes we are licensed, bonded, insured and OSHA certified.  ROC 291233.


Home, business, restaurants, municipalities, hospitalities, banks, retail, schools, medical, food industry, conference centers, sporting arenas, places of worship, special venues, designers, architects, artists

Mesa, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Peoria, Paradise Valley, Midwest, US


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